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Pressed Groundnut Oil

Peanut is also known as goober, pinder, groundnut, earthnut and ground pea. Peanut oil is natural sweet and flavoured edible oil. Refined peanut oil has a light yellow color and a neutral taste. This is extracted from pressing peanut kernels. In addition to extracting the oil, peanuts are eaten raw or roasted, and used in cooking and bakery as well. Peanut oil is very high on energy, has a very high burning and smoking point, and contains monounsaturated fats, Vitamins A, D and E.

Peanut oil is also known as ‘Mungfali Ka Tel’ in Hindi, ‘Verusenaga Nune’ in Telugu, ‘Kadala Enna’ in Malayalam, ‘Kadalekai Enne’ in Kannada, ‘Magaphalina Telano’ in Gujarati, and ‘Shegdaana Tel’ in Marathi Today, peanut oil is a commercial crop in India, the African nations, China and the United States of America.

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