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Coir Products

Environment concerns and biodegradability have boosted the demand for coir products. Coir is a commercial grade processed coconut husk that is used for the manufacture of a wide range of products.
Bygone is the era when coir was linked with ropes to tie cattle or stiffen the clothesline or use as the humble foot mats, with the ubiquitous `WELCOME’ sign. Coir today has attained class. Today it is most wanted to furnish rooms and offices with trendy look. Coir carpets decorate floors and walls all owing to its sophistication and ethnic chic.

Coir is stiff coarse fiber that has been obtained from the outer husk of the coconut. The fibers range from sturdy strands suitable for brush bristles to filaments that can be spun into coarse, durable yarn. Coir has been traditionally used in the making of ropes and mats. Coir is a flexible natural yarn that is hauled out from mesocarp tissue, or husk of the coconut fruit. Generally coir is of rich yellow in color once it has been cleaned after the removal of the coconut husk; and hence it is often called ” The Golden Fibre”.

Coir is the rubbery husk of the coconut shell. Being tough and naturally defiant to seawater, the coir guards the fruit sufficiently to endure months of floating on ocean currents to be washed up on a sandy shore where it may bud and mature into a tree, condition it has adequate fresh water, since all the extra nutrients it requires have been passed along with the seed. This uniqueness makes the thread fairly functional in floor and outdoor mats, aquarium filters, cordage and rope, and garden mulch.

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